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Market access success starts with the right mix of strategic and creative energy

Smart Cool

We are a full-service, market access agency committed to enhancing your business and setting your brand apart through an orchestrated blend of specialties:

Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

Payer experts help refine
a brand’s value

Creative Excellence

Strategic Consulting

Clear and compelling
communications designed to elevate the market access conversation

We believe in the power of an elegantly choreographed story to change mindsets and move markets

We provide a seamless approach—from market research through tactical execution


    Researchers who specialize in market access, thereby understanding the information and customers important to your world


    Consulting services that do the proper thinking up front. By understanding the market, the brand, and the customers, we can help guide the process to access success


    A full-service creative agency that can execute across all the types of communication channels important in today’s market


    Digital strategies and tools that marry a product’s clinical benefits with the cost impact to demonstrate value to payers


    We socialize the value story to formulary decision makers through strategic public relations beyond direct sales interactions

We believe a brand has greater value when you can communicate it

That's why we put so much stock in our value proposition

Clinical Benefit

Clinical Benefit

Cost Impact

Cost Impact

What makes us different as an agency is what makes your brand different in the minds of formulary decision makers and prescribers

The answer is simple, but not easy: Communicate value in a way that resonates with each customer

We define, depict, and deploy the value story

  • Value proposition development

    Value proposition development

    We design the kind of real-world value story that inspires real-world action.

  • Data Visualization


    Simple, smart, and elegant visuals bring clarity to complicated information and make your brand message memorable.

  • Excellence in Execution

    Excellence in Execution

    Our unique approach is driven by a thorough and well-defined process that has a track record of efficiency.

In the world of market access, we understand the players

  • US Commercial

    • Clinical Pathways
    • Employers
    • Managed Care
    • Case Managers
    • Pharmacy Directors
    • Medical Directors
  • Global Market

    • NICE &
    • Regional Affiliates
    • National Payers
    • Dossiers
  • Government

    • Medicare
    • DOJ
    • Medicaid
    • FFS Medicaid
    • Medicare Part D
  • Distribution
    & Retail

    • Specialty
      Buy & Bill
    • Mail Order
    • Wholesale
    • Retail
    • REMS
    • Specialty Pharmacy
  • Organized

    • IDNs
    • PCMHs
    • Hospitals
    • LTC
    • ACOs
    • BHO
  • Brand‐Side
    Pull Through

    • Patient Assistance Program Awareness
    • Access & Reimbursement
    • Hub Marketing

For populations,
by people

There's humanity to the way we do things — because we believe in the work we do and the people it serves.

We deliberately create a culture that celebrates the marriage of strategy and creative for market access success. And we live by our collective goal to ensure that people have access to the healthcare they need.

Above all, we value people—ours, yours,
and the people we both serve.

Our leaders

  • Roger Haskins, Managing Partner, Executive Creative Director
    Roger Haskins
    Managing Partner, Executive Creative Director
  • Diana Maldonado, SVP, Director of Strategic Services
    Diana Maldonado
    SVP, Director of Client Services
  • Kimberly Rawlins, SVP, Director of Client Services
    Kimberly Rawlins
    SVP, Director of Strategic Services
  • Kenneth Ng, Ph.D., VP, Director of Medical Strategy
    Kenneth Ng,
    VP, Director of Medical Strategy
  • Krystina Smith, VP, Director of Insights & Analytics
    Krystina Smith
    VP, Director of Insights & Analytics

Come work with us
(not for us)

Whether you're just starting out, changing careers, or a seasoned veteran, you can find opportunities with us in strategic services, account services, medical affairs, and digital and creative services, among other disciplines.

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When it comes to
science and strategy,
we’re in good company

Choreo Market Access is part of the Healthcare Consultancy Group (HCG) family of companies.

HCG’s mission is to ensure that a product is positioned throughout its life cycle in the best possible light so it can bring the most benefit to appropriate patient populations.

HCG brings over 25 years of understanding what motivates medical professionals to confidently connect to and interact with a product's data. Having taken over 90 drugs through regulatory committee, HCG has an industry-leading 80% success rate.

HCG is devoted to scientific and strategic rigor so the right content, messages, and programs come together to build a strong foundation for your product.

Learn more about HCG